Meet the team at Clinica Veterinaria Torreblanca.

A solid, efficient and experienced team always orientated to provide the best care for your pet.

Dra. Mercedes Evans Cuenca

– D.V.M –



Graduated from Córdoba University in 1990. Has an experience of over 25 years in small animal veterinary clinic.

Mercedes has attended many lectures on

• Anesthesia

• Soft tissue surgery

• Hamatology

• Ophtalmology

• Internal medicine

• Feline medicine, etc.

Has practiced, in stays of one week, in reference clinics like, Centro Veterinario de Referencia Bahía de Málaga (Orthopedics) and Clínica Vetereinaria Gattos ( Feline Medicine) in Madrid.

Is a great animal lover and adores her work, thanks to which she doesn´t mind dedicating the many hours that this profession needs.

Mercedes is bilingual in Spanish and English and her French speaking clients seem to understand when she speaks in French.


Javier Sánchez González


About Javier

He began his training in 1990, studying and doing various jobs as veterinarian assistant, graduating in 1994 as Perito Ganadero.

In 2004 he obtained the title of Technical Veterinary Assistant (ATV), and began working in Malaga performing tasks in ICU, hospitalization, surgery, radiology, laboratory and consultation.

From 2015 to 2019 he was responsible for the hospitalization area and ICU of the Veterinary Specialist and Referral Center in Málaga. During his stay in this hospital, he participated in the practical and theoretical training of the courses for ATVs.

Since 2019, he has joined our team, exercising his functions as an ATV and expanding his continuing training.

Marina Ramé

Marina Ramé Herrera


About Marina

Always in love with animals, became part of our staff in 2003, after obtaining the title as Veterinary Nurse.
She has a certificate for Dog Grooming and Technician from long distance University ISED.
Today she continues forming herself in different courses for veterinary nurses.

Alicia Repiso

Alicia Repiso Maier


About Alicia

She Obtained her title as Veterinary Nurse 2013 moved by her love towards animal. She has developed her entire professional at Clinica Veterinaria Torreblanca, acquiring great experience and knowledge. She has a special interest in the surgical field as well as in laboratory techniques. She does not conceive her work without a continuous training.

We are passionate about animals